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Bruce Donnola: Music

Black Blue Jeans

(Jono Manson)
Bruce Donnola

First time Jono covered a song of mine on record, from the 1993 album "One Horse Town". It went on to be the single, was chosen for the 1995 "Santa Fe Music Sampler, Vol 1" and appeared prominently as the closing number in the 2001 movie "On the Borderline" (see video -

It also features the late/great Nicky Hopkins on piano. Yes, a guy who played with the Beatles, the Stones, Kinks and John Lennon's "Imagine" album played a song of mine. A thrill, to say the least.

I originally had it as the closer on my first album, "A Rumor of Peace" (long out of print). Jono loved it and flew off with it. My favorite cover of one of my songs.