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Bruce Donnola: Links

Janice Fried Illustration
Gorgeous artwork by a gorgeous woman.
Jono Manson
Powerhouse singer-songwriter, great producer and magnificent friend.
Sean Donnola
My wonderful nephew is also a wonderful photographer, with an impressive career already underway. Check out his website.
Raymond Young's obsessions with cinema and music have long mirrored my own; sometimes the mirror seems to have been pulled from a carnival sideshow. Here's his blog, where you'll also find a link to
Larry Lachmann Mastering
Larry is a fantastic Mastering Engineer. He mastered "Peaches of August" and is a tremendously talented engineer, dedicated and patient. He works at Integrated Studios in NYC ( or you can contact him through his myspace page. In any event USE HIM! He masters everything from my grim little folky songs to major label rap. He's a gem.
David Hamburger
Back in our Brooklyn days David played with me in a terrific little band, The Nor'Easters, with the wonderful Andy Resnick and Artie Bageur. Now he's a big cheese(burger) on the instructional video circuit and doing a thriving business writing film scores and jingles. Buy a dvd and learn a lick or two.
When I was a teenager, a troubled little ne'er-do-well, I had a friend named Jean. When I'd stop by her house she had a pesky little brother who always seemed to be around. But I always liked him. He was a great kid. Turns out he's still a great guy. And a terrific author of children's books. He's the fellow who created Jigsaw Jones. Little Jimmy Preller turned out to be one of the more succesful - and nice - people to grow up in Wantagh, NY. It's a pleasure to link to his blog.